ThoughtWave Technologies, Inc. was founded by Jonathan Kalbfeld in 1994 in a suburban Detroit basement, originally as a software development and consulting company developing programs for Microsoft Windows as well as SunOS UNIX.

In January of that year, the company was assigned two blocks of priceless Class C internet address space, and later that year created its first website. The site was running on an off-brand homebuilt 486-DX running httpd on Linux, connected to the Internet on a 64KBps ISDN Centrex Line, and later on a Sun Microsystems SparcStation IPX with 64GB of RAM, a cg6 framebuffer, and Solaris 2.5.

Now 25 years later, ThoughtWave is still an independent company with a physical server presence on the Internet, its own a data center presence, backup facilities, 24 hour closed circuit monitoring, and a private cloud system supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.  Our ASN is 54380.

Small, but mighty, ThoughtWave Technologies offers Linux Virtual Machines, web-based VDI servers, dedicated bare-metal hardware, as well as fiber connectivity from several of our partners.  We also offer managed private cloud services on dedicated hardware.  If you have a presence in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, we can handle that, including provisioning all of your resources through HashiCorp Terraform using continuous integration.