ThoughtWave Technologies, Inc. was founded by Jonathan Kalbfeld in 1994 in a suburban Detroit basement, originally as a software development and consulting company developing programs for Microsoft Windows as well as SunOS UNIX.

In January of that year, the company was assigned two blocks of priceless Class C internet address space, and later that year created its first website. The site was running on an off-brand homebuilt 486-DX running httpd on Linux, connected to the Internet on a 64KBps ISDN Centrex Line, and later on a Sun Microsystems SparcStation IPX with 64GB of RAM, a cg6 framebuffer, and Solaris 2.5.

Now 25 years later, ThoughtWave is still an independent company with a physical server presence on the Internet, its own data center presence, multiple backup facilities, 24 hour closed circuit monitoring, and a multi-homed private cloud system supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.  Our ASN is 54380.  You can view more about our network here.

Small, but mighty, ThoughtWave Technologies offers Linux Virtual Machines, web-based VDI servers, dedicated bare-metal hardware, as well as fiber connectivity from several of our partners.  We also offer managed private cloud services on dedicated hardware.  If you have a presence in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, we can handle that, including provisioning all of your resources through HashiCorp Terraform using continuous integration.

For more information on our network topology, please visit Hurricane Electric's wonderful BGP information site.