Professionally lift-and-shift your existing costly on-premises infrastructure into our multi-homed IPv6-enabled cloud hosting environment.  Unlike the major cloud hosting providers who compete on price and offer you faceless service that requires a lot of management on your part, we compete on value and offer you completely extensible custom-built environments ranging from a single virtual machine to your own private cloud on dedicated hardware.

What you get from ThoughtWave Technologies:

  • Peace of mind, knowing that your applications and the environments they run in are right-sized by actual humans who understand why you need what you need.
  • Integrated and include offsite backups and built-in disaster recovery for hosted VM services (coming soon!)
  • A personal touch: We will get to know you and help you manage your day-to-day operations.
  • Automatically connected to the IPv6 internet.  Every VM customer gets their own /64 IPv6 address range and a /48 upon request.
  • We will peer with you and let you use your address space for your VMs, whether they are IPv4 addresses or IPv6 addresses, you can announce them through us.  BGP peering is no extra monthly recurring charge.

What you don't get from ThoughtWave Technologies:

  • Overspending on an automated deployment account where you get surprised at the end of the billing period.  Everything is quoted ahead of time and what you are quoted is what you pay for your service level.
  • Cookie-cutter VM templates with only a few select OS releases.  Work with us, and for a one-time fee, we'll build you an OS template with anything available on an ISO.

Example Pricing:

  • 4GB RAM
  • 4 vCPU
  • 32GB disk space
  • Single IPv4 IP with reverse delegation
  • /64 IPv6 address block
  • DR hosting in offsite location with automatic nightly backups
  • BGP Peering (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • 24 hour turnaround time with software assistance, administration, and support

$99 per month